About Him

About Him? About the Lord? How can I explain Him?

He is holy. He is perfect, and there is no unrighteousness in Him. He is just and merciful and he is complete truth. He is altogether lovely, he is life and light, he is my refuge and shield and my strong tower and He is God.

He sent his Son, the only begotten and beloved of the Father, to come to this earth- the one who once knew no sin- to become sin. He set aside his will and died a horrible death on the cross- to give us the ability to call on his name and believe on Him and to become a Son of God.

The Gospel, that is- the good news of Jesus Christ– is life-changing- and can conquer sin, grab hold onto the power and promises of God, and is life to all them that believe on His name.


I am so blessed to be one of His.


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