About Me

I’m Ashlyn. I’m endeavoring to love Jesus with all my heart, soul, mind, & strength. I’m a teenager young lady who loves her family- her family of nine- and I am passionate about life. Life lived abundantly.


Fun Things… I love my sibs. I really do! (As you can see above. Please ignore my weird faces.) I love eating organically and am changing my diet to a more natural means. I take lots of pictures- I sorta love it. I have a dslr, but I take lots of pictures with my phone just because… it’s more about the memories then the perfection. My younger sister is my best friend. I only have one brother. I love coral and teal. I love bright colors but I seem to dress all neutrals pretty much ninety-nine percent of the time. I like writing. I love rising early but it’s hard when you stay up really late. I’m politically active and stay pretty up-to-date with the political news. I have played the piano for nine years and I dream of playing the cello. I like arranging hymns. Oh, my favorite hymns are “It Is Well” and “Holy, Holy, Holy,” and “Nothing Between.” There’s so many more but those are my favorites. I have many friends, but most of them live out of state. ok, ninety-nine percent of them. (that’s why I love Indiana, Texas, California, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, North and South Caroline, and Virginia so much. Especially Texas. A lot of them live there.:)) I love the Andy Griffith Show… it’s about the only thing I’ll watch- oh, besides The Pioneer Woman. I love big jewelry, high heels (oh, whyyy did I have to be five-eleven??) old navy socks, thrift stores, old books, css and html, (don’t ask) graphic design, old-time preachin’, and ice cream. oooh, I love ice cream.




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