I’ve compiled a list of ministries, websites, movies, and girls’ blogs that have been a blessing to me. 


IBLP MinistriesSo thankful for Mr Gothards dedication to the Lord. His ministry has been used by God to bless many people! I heartily recommend The Basic Seminar– God has worked through it on me and changed so much in my life. 

ATI: The Advanced Training Institute has been my core curriculum as a homeschooler, and it is not just a curriculum! This is solid teaching and the Word of God is in every subject- you can’t get away from it. This is not just schooling, this is instruction in the Word of God.

Solve Family Problems: I sat under the teaching of Dr Davis for eight and a half years. I have notebooks filled with notes. I was SO blessed to have such a Pastor during my younger years. To this day, I will come across a verse and I will remember his deep insights on it. I definitely recommend his Expectations message  and his Seeds of Disintegration message.

Tomorrows ForefathersThe Mally’s are such.a.blessing! Sarah Mally’s book, Before You Meet Prince Charming, has been so huge in my life. I have definitely learned so much from it. Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends has had a huge impact on my life and it is brilliantly written! Grace Mally’s book, Will Our Generation Speak? A Call To Be Bold With The Gospel, is convicting, life-changing, and inspiring- filled to the brim with personal stories. As a Bright Lights Leader, I heartily recommend the Bright Lights Curricula.

Ellerslie: Mr. Eric Ludy’s are nothing short of convicting. His passion for the holier things, his humility, and his willingness to boldly preach the Gospel- are inspiring. Favorite quote: “If you want Jesus on your terms, then you don’t want Jesus.”  

Set Apart Girl: I heartily enjoy Mrs. Ludy’s bi-monthly magazine. First of all, it’s free and that’s rare! Second of all, it’s hard to run into girls’ magazines and books that do not talk openly about certain subjects. Her magazine caters to the younger crowd as well as to those older. Her whole magazine is filled with glorious, uplifting things that bring your attention to 

Embassy Institute: Embassy if stock-full of powerful messages! I enjoy this site so much! It’s only $9 a month and it gives me access to some of my favorite preachers!  


Journey to the Heart: I have had the privilege of attending a Journey, and what a Journey it was! How life-changing. I was with a group of eleven other girls. (two of them which were leaders.) Journey was amazing. God dealt with me and broke me the first night I was there. The one-accord prayer through which we were able to access the power of God was amazing. 1-2 hours in prayer seemed like just a few minutes. I can’t say enough about this program. If you’re a young person and considering it: just GO. 



Young Ladies Blogs




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